We need to talk about periods

We need to talk about periods

Not time periods but menstrual ones.

On any given day, about 800 million people around the world have their periods. So why do we feel like we shouldn’t talk about them openly?

We recently watched a great video on Instagram that talked about the importance of access to period products for young and disadvantaged communities in Australia. While this video focuses on what we can do to support young and disadvantaged people in Australia to gain access to period products, our amazing pro-bono client, Human & Hope Australia (HHA), is focusing on what can be done to help young people in rural Cambodian communities get access to period products.

HHA Cambodia has launched a Menstrual Hygiene Project to reach young girls in rural communities to teach them about how to manage their periods hygienically and with ease. Each girl will receive a safe and hygienic pack of three reusable cloth menstrual pads, soap and discreet carry pouch for washing and storage, all handmade by HHA’s sewing graduates.

There are so many reasons why this is a great initiative! It:

  • Keeps HHA Cambodia graduates in work.
  • Supports hygiene in rural Cambodian communities.
  • Means women and girls can go about their daily lives when they have their periods.
  • Is a more sustainable way to manage our periods.

Not having access to period products can continue the cycle of poverty by keeping people at home while they menstruate. So, this month, Factotum is doing its bit by continuing the conversation and supporting women in rural Cambodia by buying one kit on behalf of each of our team members.

We encourage you to continue the conversation and consider donating to this Human & Hope project via their website.

Ps. It’s one week until the EOFY when you can claim back your donation.