This IWD, we’re giving more than cupcakes

This IWD, we’re giving more than cupcakes

At Factotum, we love a cupcake. But we think women need more this International Women’s Day. Beyond the fun excuse for a little bit of profanity, #fuckthecupcakes has a pretty decent point to make. If you haven’t come across the movement yet, we invite you to have a google.

As much as we can talk about the futility of tokenistic engagement – it often falls on deaf ears. It’s not until stakeholders start creating noise and giving their honest feedback that people really start listening.

So it’s time to listen: Women don’t (only) want cupcakes. We want to see corporations taking meaningful action that will improve the lives and outcomes for women – today.

You may be asking, what does this have to do with bookmarks?

This year we’ve teamed up with Human & Hope, to help women achieve financial independence by creating an offering of bookmarks. Each bookmark raises funds for a Cambodian Woman to build her own business, create her own income and secure financial safety.

We’re offering the chance to purchase these bookmarks as gifts for partners, staff and clients this International Women’s Day. The bookmarks serve as unique and purposeful acknowledgments, reinforcing your dedication to making a positive impact on International Women’s Day.

Out with the cupcake, in with action that makes the world a more equitable place for women.

How to purchase your bookmarks
There are three bookmarks to choose from, depending on the cause that resonates. There are differing price points on offer too, because gratitude shouldn’t cost the earth.

Corporations wanting larger orders are encouraged to get in early to ensure we can deliver these nods of appreciation to exactly where they need to be in time for IWD2024.

Find out more or purchase your bookmark by visiting the Human and Hope website.

The small print: Where, exactly, does the money go?
All funds raised through this initiative will go towards women achieving financial security through running a business. That’s right, not profits raised – all funds raised.

Factotum Communications is donating its time and resources to create and promote these bookmarks as part of our ongoing support of the Human & Hope mission.

Looking to engage with your staff another way this IWD?
There’s still time to plan a meaningful activity with your team or corporate clients, and our team at Factotum are experts in helping create bespoke and meaningful engagement opportunities.

Get in touch to discuss ideas for you or your team.