A First Foray into Podcasting

A First Foray into Podcasting

“Hi – I’m Kate from Sydney – Long time listener, first time podcaster…”

The universe has been nudging me closer and closer to the back end of podcasting in recent months. It started with a few articles on the mechanics of podcasting popping up on feeds, then tuning in to a webinar to hear the exceptionally skilled Amber Daines giving a fascinating peek behind the curtain on her long-running podcast “The politics of everything”.

So when Kristy Brisbane from The Original Inspiration reached out on linked in to invite me to the guest chair for Season Three of her very stylish little poddy, I jumped at the chance!

A first impression!

My impression from first approach to go live has been utter awe at the professionalism of TOI’s team.

The ask was clear and appealing. The structure, technical elements, the timing and approach to promo was all laid out clearly and effortlessly.

On arrival, I was greeted warmly, run through what to expect and pitfalls to watch for and made super comfortable in the incredibly stylish studio.

Would you look at the time?

Blink and I would have missed it. I found Kristy a skilled conversationalist and our discussion meandered in a logical flow organically. I’m sure great effort and practice has gone into being able to make it feel this way.

We covered the origin story of Factotum and bounced off each other on some other bits around motivation, advice, the industry, timing and perspective. Kristy was great at contextualising content where I may have started to get a bit specific to ensure the conversation remained accessible to a broader audience.

By the time we wrapped up, more than an hour had passed and I was starting to worry I may have given away my banking PIN or some such overshare out of sheer disarmed comfort!


Unsurprisingly – I’m hooked. Loved every minute of podcasting. I love little prompts like these to reflect on the journey Factotum has taken so far and the podcast was a great chance to do that. To be honest – I love any excuse to stay out from behind the keyboard and just chat!

Huge thanks to Kristy at The Original Inspiration for having me as a guest – In case you haven’t given it a listen yet – check out the podcast here or at https://theoriginalinspiration Season 3, Episode 4.